VS Mobile Learning Showroom

VS Mobile Showroom

In collaboration with VS America



SIZE: 640-960 SQ FT

OPENING: Concept package completed in 2009

PROGRAM: Education

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Exciting visual merchandise strategies will strengthen the brand statement for V/S by encouraging its conceptual emphasis. Creating four distinctly separate, but similar in their imaginative nature, will create a memorable customer experience.

Multiple square graphic panels detached from the walls inform buyers of VS’ philosophy and classroom options. Boards also detail in Green’s collaboration and classroom facilities. Customers will be led into this semi-enclosed area after meandering through the showroom’s display area.

Open floor space will provide adequate space for dialogue between buyer and showroom representative. Dynamic and bold graphics will grab attention while both on the move and stationed. Large 8’x8’ glazed punctures add a dynamic and layered aesthetic for advertising view able furniture product.

Wall to floor to ceiling gray scale graphics are applied on white painted drywall (walls and ceiling) and on white epoxy (floor). Large caption bubbles are then cut into these surfaces exposing the shipping container’s painted corrugation. The shapes of the bubbles are each representative of a particular perspective viewpoint, selected by the path of the customer. Large 3D white letters spelling the 4 key phrases, shown above, are centered in the bubbles.

Customers will enter via a drop down door/platform with retractable access ramp. An informational desk will house pamphlets and brochures, while a large display of classroom configurations and videos will be located in the partially enclosed area towards the front. All four exhibits are intended to depict strong philosophies of V/S described in “The Third Teacher.”