Firm Profile

Established in 2012

Los Angeles, CA

In 2012, Studio Jantzen was founded with one main goal in mind: to deliver outstanding design, with a strong focus on technology, innovation and social and environmental responsibility. Prior to starting Studio Jantzen, Christof was a founding Partner of Behnisch Architekten Los Angeles (1999 -2012) and Boston (2006-2009).

Our projects range from urban design and planning studies, large scale institutional and educational buildings, office buildings, commercial facilities, mixed-use and private homes. This diversity has given us extensive experience in navigating multiple stakeholders.

Studio Jantzen has received a number of awards and has been recognized at key industry publications.

Our Design Principles

We believe in an all-inclusive, open and transparent dialogue with clients, employees and consultants, throughout every phase of the design. For our team, each design process is an exciting new adventure, and we approach our practice as an open-minded “laboratory” where art and science meet. Our passion is to engage like-minded clients in the bold pursuit of inspired, and inspiring architecture. Our key design principles are:

To Humanize Architecture

We believe that people are central to every design. At the intersection of environmental, social and programmatic requirements, we come to a key question: how do we humanize this design? In this exploratory process we seek to understand how the future users, occupants, pedestrians and community at large are impacted by our decisions. We are motivated by the challenge of addressing the often subtle, yet critical, emotional, spiritual and physical needs of people.

To Change Something

Change implies malleability, and for our team this translates into flexible knowledge. Flexible knowledge forces us to ask: can we change something? By asking this question we invite innovation and a fresh look at the processes we use in every design. At times, we discover that the change is internal, in how our team is approaching the challenges at hand, or how we work with one another. At other times, the change is in the design itself, where technology and social and environmental responsibilities encourage our team to think outside the box.

To Foster Collaboration

Collaboration is central to our success and it is key to creating a positive team dynamic. In the office we bring a flat hierarchy where everyone’s input matter. Our main focus is in delivering an outstanding end product, this means that the responsibility to find better solutions is given to everyone involved. In turn, this internal collaborative approach reflects in our interactions outside the office, with clients, users, stakeholders, the community. Collaboration has been central to some of the most invaluable insights we have gained, at all of our projects. We also believe that our collaborative approach has been a key reason we are able to serve the same clients over and over again.

What Inspires Us

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We design for people first: they are the center of each creative decision we make. Our aesthetic vision puts the comfort, wellbeing, health, lifestyle, and happiness of each person and the community they live in first. Without people, design has no purpose.



Light is the very essence of life. It is essential to every aspect of our physical, emotional and spiritual being. The magical interplay of shadow and light is a gift that we cherish and treat with sensitivity and respect. The phenomenon of light inspires and illuminates our work.

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We live and dream in color and our architecture reflects that. We are attracted to the sensual saturated hues of the warmer, more vibrant end of the spectrum, because they appeal to us in a visceral way, bringing space to life.

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The textures, patterns and tactility of materials are an essential part of creating a variety of experiences in architecture, from awe-inspiring joy, to blissful ease and comfort. Balancing natural materials, such as wood, stone, and brick, with technical counterparts, like concrete, steel and glass, and the exciting new composite materials now available is a design challenge that helps us creating the architecture of the present day.

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Press Coverage

Mr. Jantzen's designs with Behnisch Architekten, and now with Studio Jantzen, have been featured widely in many national and international publications including Architectural Digest, Architectural Record, Dwell, Interior Design Magazine, Domus, Archinect, ArchDaily, Architizer, Azure Magazine, Contract Magazine, Archello, Architektur.Aktuell, A+U, A+T, and Bauwelt among others.